Behavioral Rasayanas—Enhancing Immunity, Balance and Happiness Through Our Thoughts and Action


In Ayurveda, a “rasayana” is anything that makes the body stronger. Although we usually hear the word in reference to herbs and herbal formulas, such as Maharishi Amrit Kalash, an important part of Ayurveda is Achar Rasayana, or behavioral rasayana, which include specific behaviors that rejuvenate the body, increase lifespan and culture bliss and higher states of consciousness.

Behavioral rasayana works because any thought in the mind, or any action we perform, has a powerful effect on the body. Many scientific studies on the mind-body connection have shown that every time we have a thought or feeling, some chemical is produced in the body.

These neurochemicals, as they are called, are extremely powerful For example, one type of neurochemical, called endorphins, are natural pain killers produced by the brain and are at least 50 times more powerful than morphine. It turns out that our own brain is the most powerful pharmaceutical factory in the world.

We just need to know how to use the brain properly, how to produce positive chemicals rather than negative ones. Negative emotions—such as anger, jealousy, frustration, fear, and grief—cause harmful neurochemicals to be produced: chemicals which break down the body’s functioning. Positive thoughts and actions, on the other hand, can be powerful tools for strengthening our physiologies and improving our health.

Ayurveda identifies one biochemical in particular, called ojas, which is enhanced through rasayana of any kind. Ojas is the finest aspect of material creation, the junction point between consciousness and matter. It is as much consciousness as it is physical. Ojas nourishes the body‑—the more ojas, the better your health, immunity, balance, purity and happiness. That is why the entire purpose of the Ayurveda treatment programs offered at The Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa is to maintain all the physiological structures and functioning in such a way that ojas is constantly generated and maintained at its more efficient level of functioning. An Ayurvedic expert in the technique of Ayurveda Pulse Assessment can identify your level of ojas and give recommendations on how to increase ojas in the body.

The Charaka Samhita, one of the principal texts of Ayurveda, describes ojas as a fluid substance located in the heart. From the heart, ojas circulates throughout the entire body and maintains immunity, strength of muscles, stamina, and a healthy glow to the skin.

Because it is the seat of feeling, the heart can be directly affected by our feelings and emotions. Thus behavioral rasayana, which creates a positive effect on the whole physiology—including the heart—, increases the production of ojas.

Here is a list of traditional Behavioral Rasayanas that help create a harmonizing effect in the physiology and increase the production of ojas. The idea is to keep them lively in the mind, but do not strain to remember or follow them.


Transcend on a regular basis.

Speak truthfully but sweetly.

Speak well of others: never spread gossip.

Be free of anger.

Abstain from alcohol and immoderate behavior.

Be nonviolent and calm.

Be charitable to others: help people in need, especially those with no livelihood or those in grief.

Help even those who might have mistreated you.

Keep yourself, your clothing and your environment neat, clean and well groomed.

Be respectful of teachers and elders.

Be loving and compassionate.

Do not disclose enmities. Never disclose insults inflicted upon you.

Keep a regular routine.

Culture a simple state of awareness and simple, guileless behavior.

Keep the company of the wise.

Maintain a positive outlook.

Be self-controlled and follow the precepts of your religious beliefs.

Devote yourself to the knowledge and development of high states of consciousness.

Enjoy the good qualities of others.

Welcome visitors with an open heart.

Do good and be silent. Accept good and sing the givers praise.

Don’t lose balance through wealth.

Greet another first.

Maintain untainted belief in friends

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