Ayurveda Beauty Tips

For many of us who are braving the harsh winter weather, keeping skin soft and glowing can be a challenge. Here are some year-round Ayurvedic beauty tips for all skin types.




Vata types have dry, thin, delicate skin that in prone to wrinkles and can become rough or flakey.

Vata-types should bathe in water at body temperature. Water that is too hot or too cold can be harmful to delicate Vata skin. Do not use harsh cleansers of cleansers with chemicals

Morning massage with warm sesame oil sooths Vata and protects the skin

Avoid extreme cold. Protect the face and head in cold and windy weather. Hats and earmuffs are a must!

Go to bed before 10:00. Fatigue aggravates Vata. A late night will show on a Vata face the next morning.

Light exercise brings out the best in a Vata type. Too much exercise can cause premature aging. Listen to your body and stop if you are straining

Avoid caffeine.


Pitta types have reddish skin with freckles. Their skin is sensitive to the skin and prone to rashes or breakouts.

Bathe with water a little cooler than body temperature.

A pre-shower massage with olive oil or sweet almond oil will help cool Pitta and moisturize the skin.

Avoid spending time in the sun, especially between noon and 2:00 p.m. Pittas are more prone to skin cancer than others.

Follow a moderate exercise program. Never exercise at mid-day. Early morning exercise is ideal for Pitta-types.

Avoid spicy and fried foods. These aggravate Pitta and increase redness and breakouts.

Minimize intake of caffeine.

A few drops of rose oil in an aroma pot will help Pittas sooth both body and emotions.


Kapha types have smooth, pale skin that is prone to oiliness

Bathe in water a little warmer than body temperature.

Don’t use heavy moisturizers, which can clog pores.

Morning massage with sesame oil is beneficial for Kaphas.

Once a week massage with raw silk gloves to enliven the circulation and reduce excess Kapha.

Kaphas need exercise. Develop a regular workout program. Kapha gives strength and stamina when balanced but can lean to lethargy and weight gain when imbalanced. Find a Pitta friend to help motivate you.

Get up early! Kaphas can go to bed a bit later than Vata and Pitta types but getting up at 6:00 is a must!


Eat lots of green leafy vegetables, coconut, carrots and sweet juicy fruits. These fruits nourish the outer level of the skin and provide an abundance of vitamins A, C, and E.

Drink lots of water! This is very important in the winter, because of the drying effects of most heating systems. Hot water is best for Vata and Kapha types. Pitta types may do better with room temperature water. Don’t drink iced drinks and avoid carbonated beverages.

Sweet almond oil is a good moisturizer for almost all skin types. Pat on after washing the face, then blot with a soft tissue. (Whenever using anything new on your face, try a small amount on the neck area first to check for sensitivity.)

For a gentle, nourishing natural cleanser you can make at home, grind masala dal (check out your local health food store or Indian grocery store) in a powder and soak in milk for 1/2 hour. Make a thin mixture to wash with or make a thicker paste to use as a facemask. Rinse off with water at the appropriate temperature for your skin type. Never use hot water on your face.

Stress is a major factor in the aging process. Daily meditation quiets the mind, releases stress and allows the body to produce anti-aging biochemicals.

An Ayurveda expert can give you more specific details on your specific body type and imbalances than may require more individualized recommendations. For information on consultations and/or Ayurveda skin and beauty treatments, contact The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa:


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