Natural Approaches to Reduce Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Can Multiple Sclerosis respond to natural approaches? Ayurveda experts say, “Yes!” Many health experts, including well-known natural health care advocate Dr. Andrew Weil and Rogers Badgett, owner of the award-winning Ayurveda Health Center, The Raj, have observed that MS symptoms respond well to changes in diet and lifestyle, stress reduction, and mind/body techniques.

Modern medicine describes MS as a slow progression of patches of demyelization of the brain and spinal chord. However, pinpointing what triggers the disease still eludes Western medical experts.

Balancing Vata
According to Ayurveda, the original health science of India, vata is the aspect of biological intelligence that controls all movement in the body, including the overall level of balance and activation of the nervous system. MS is seen as a classic vata imbalance. Many of the conditions and symptoms of vata imbalance correspond with symptoms often associated with MS:  insomnia, headaches, pain, anxiety and fear, fatigue, poor digestion, dry or rough skin, constipation and heightened sensitivity.

Traditional Ayurvedic recommendations to help balance vata can aid in the natural healing process for those with MS.
1. Favor fresh, organic cooked foods, including lots of cooked vegetables
2. Drink warm liquids — but avoid caffeinated beverages. Sipping hot water throughout the day is highly recommended
3. Avoid cold drinks and raw foods.  Add ghee to your meals to counter-balance dryness.
4. Go to bed early, preferably by 10 pm. Get plenty of rest.
5. Avoid strenuous exercise. Walking and swimming and yoga are best for those with vata aggravation.
6. Avoid processed foods, eat your main meal at noon and eat lighter means at night to improve digestion.

Remove Toxins and Strengthen Immunity
The build up of plaque around affected nerves with accompanying inflammation that is seen in MS is a classic example of impurities building up in tissues and disrupting delicate tissue biochemistry. Cleansing Ayurvedic treatments that remove impurities from the tissues along with dietary changes that prevent impurities from being created in the first place is a fundamental approach of Ayurveda programs for MS.

Modern medicine postulates that infection by a latent virus may possibly cause MS. As a result immune function enhancing therapies are often used to combat the illness. The fundamental basis of traditional Ayurveda treatments, known as Panchakarma, is to strengthen the body’s natural healing mechanisms by removing toxins and impurities that block the free flow of intelligence in the body.

Under the guidance of trained Ayurveda experts, traditional Ayurveda treatments, the introduction of yoga and meditation, and individualized dietary and lifestyle changes can work together to create a natural approach to MS that can offer relief to symptoms of MS as well as support long-term remission.

For more information on Ayurvedic treatment programs for MS at The Raj Ayurveda Health Center and to read testimonials and case studies of those who have participated in this natural approach to MS relief, please visit The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa:

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